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Why it’s worth it…

Every once in a while we receive a reminder about why we do what we do. Recently we received one such reminder in the form of an email from a thankful parent. What a nice way to celebrate the new year! It seemed an important one to share with our readership, especially that’s partially to whom it is addressed:

To the Staff at ILD – and all potential parent clients:

I am a parent who used the services at ILD in Lexington. 

We have seen more tutors, therapists, educational consultants and neuropsychologists than a family should have in a lifetime – and it was when and ONLY when we went to ILD in Lexington that my son began to make some progress. Not only did he make progress at a very difficult time for anyone (college application pressures, essays, nightmares and college deadlines) – he enjoyed going there and felt totally supported by his tutor, Donna Kincaid.

Never have I seen someone as effective, as patient, as professional, AND as warm and intuitive as she.  The entire organization is run so professionally – yet has the delicacy and warmth of walking into someone’s home. 

ALL the staff were engaged in my son’s progress – and it was obvious that a lot of communication and collaboration occurs behind the scenes between staff to find ways to support your child.  When I came in, it seemed that the entire staff I engaged with were aware and supportive of my son’s progress AND strengths. 

It’s pretty hard when a student is very resistant to help, to find the place of engagement and recognition of that student’s strengths. Staff are only human after all.  I always left feeling so hopeful and so supported. I was incredibly thankful every single time we left – AND even the few times my son just couldn’t make it in.  They were hopeful and had the kind of optimism we all need as parents.

I recommend this organization stronger than I have ever recommended anyone who has helped my son; when a parent finds this treasure, you can’t help but want to spread the word.   Your kids, not even knowing who they are, I’m convinced, would be met with an engaging, professional staff – and most importantly the warm support they thrive on.

Robin, Parent in Lexington MA.

To all of our parents (and potential parents): emails such as this remind us that our work is so critical, not only for the students who benefit from increased self-confidence and strategy use, but also for the families who have suffered alongside them. We are happy to have the opportunity to  make an impact on your lives. You and your children have certainly made a difference in ours!

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